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Welcome dude! This website is a collection of articles about my favourite programming languages and other topics I am interested in.

All the articles I have published so far are to be found at the bottom of the present page. They are all clear and simple writings, I promise you.

In fact I mostly write to recollect my thoughts on the topics I deal with on a daily basis. If writing helped me, reading will help you, or so it should be.

Finally, should you need any elucidations on the stuff I wrote, just get in touch by hitting the "contacts" button in the main menu and drop me an email using the appearing form.




  • Java is the most boring language ever invented in the last 15 years but still it represents the solid foundation of a great deal of the www out there. Here are my weird thoughts about the venerable language.
  • en The List interface
  • en Closures in java? Really?


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